Saturday, July 30, 2011


yeah! i'm in medan, and it is the reason why i haven't been updating for so long. i've been too excited in my hometown. i miss everything here, especially my parents, besties, and foods. i'm trying my best not to eat everything in a role, so that i won't get fatter that fast. i'm trying to lose my weight by going to gym with welas hihii. it's a good trick if you want to eat without gaining your weight. :)

fyi, i've just got my results for my last semester. it's quite good, but i'm not really satisfied with it. ;) i hope all of my friends will get the same good news.

nothing much to share. i'm here just to say that i'll seldom update this blog till 18th august. ttyl

Sunday, July 10, 2011

gloomy 일요일 ♡

finally, it was raining this afternoon, which makes the weather much more better. the weather was too good for my cousin and i to take pictures at the balcony. :) love today's weather ♡

4 ♡

4 more days to go back to medan. hihiii. \m/ i've been missing medan so so so much. i just realize that i gain my weight again. :( i hope that i can control my meal when i go back there. there are too many good foods to hunt in medan. ♡

i went out with Silvia, Cathrine, and Cindy last night. we tried the pizza hut at lucky plaza. luckily, it taste quite similar with the one in indonesia. i've ever tried one in bishan, it taste really different and i really don't like it.

as usual, this morning, jane and i couldn't wake up for jogging again. :( i need exercises, but my body doesn't want to wake up. :(

i hope we can do it for sure tomorrow. ♡

Saturday, July 09, 2011

summer in singapore?

i know that in here, it can't be called as a summer day, but for me, it's hot enough to be consider as a summer day. the sun is too friendly with us, human, in the earth. :( does medan also have the same thing? i hope it doesn't. :p

i spend most of my time for movies. oops! i've forgotten that 5 more days i'll be in medan. i haven't prepared a list of super few things to bring back there. i watched a korean tv show, i like things related to korea. hihiii :)

i started to watch running man just now. it's just a competition between 2 teams show, but they are very funny and cute. fransiska has recommended me to watch that tv show since long time ago, but i was too lazy to search for it. and she gave me this useful website to search for korean movies: ♡ thank thee, 5!

i feel like wanna stop the time and let me finish watching all the episodes. however, the internet recently is super slow that makes me have to wait for hours. >:O

Friday, July 08, 2011

god or alien?

all of sudden, my cousin, louis, asked me to watch a chinese movie with him last night. we watched treasure inn, it's very recommended. i really enjoy watching it. it is a comedy and romantic movie. ♡

while having our late dinner at mc'd, we talked a lot about movie and at last both of us shared horror stories. it was quite horror last night, but we didn't scared like watching horror movie. :p

we reached home very late, and continued watching ancient alien. i heart that movie, but sometimes i feel bored while watching. :p it talks about history, where it might be doubt that actually god is not god. it's quite complicated, but i like the way they solve and prove something. they are trying to prove that god is actually alien. however, i don't watch because it against god, i watch it because i find it interesting in the sense that it makes us realize something that we don't know. ♡

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


love eating? yeah, me too. ♡ i've to diet now. :'(

my cousin, jane, and i went jogging just now after postponing since few days ago. it was really freaking sunny. however, it helped us to get sweating faster than going to gym. ♡

we got tired very fast. may be because we haven't been exercising for so long, especially me myself. we plan to ask my another cousin, louis, who is also coming back here for vacation to join us tomorrow. hope i can lose my weight asap. i know it's hard, but i'll try my best. ♡

yeah, my cousin is super crazy as what i mentioned before. both of us are having snack now. :p fyi, if u wanna gain weight faster, it's recommended to do this way, eating after exercising.

holiday = morning = afternoon = evening = midnight

oops! it's wednesday afternoon! i thought it was still gloomy sunday morning. u guess what, my cousin is super crazy with her diet mood by asking me to go jogging with her at this time. i think i will continue posting later. ♡
"jogging time!"

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

everyday is sunday

how i wish i could be like this during my school time that i didn't have to wake up early in the morning because of morning class. it was just a dream. i should really enjoy my day during holiday, i don't have to wake up early in the morning and i don't have to think of my study. i also can go wherever i want at anytime. ♡

Monday, July 04, 2011

too much spare time for holiday :s

i think as a human being, we always cannot satisfy with what we've got. during school, everyday we r craving for holiday, but once we have a very long holiday, we feel too free that don't know what to do hihiii. :p

recently, i'm really crazy playing my facebook game, which is tetris. my cousin has also been influenced that she starts to play as well. :)

i think i should start reading. i'm quite a lazy reader. i've just got a book from my previous lovely lecturer, ms. eileen. she bought me n lenni the book with the title the adventures of sherlock holmes. it's too hard for me to read this kind of book. ;) i'll try my best to finish it with understanding, i have to appreciate what she give.♡

anyway, i've just booked my ticket to medan on 14th july. i'm very excited to go back to my hometown. i miss everything and everyone there. ♡

If u fail to plan, u plan to fail ♡

i'm really frustrated about my plan for creating an online shop. i think it really needs lots of preparation, such as the design of the website or how to get the things. :(

anw, i've just got a bbm from welas with good statements:

♡ if u r right, u won't need to get angry

♡ if u r wrong, u don't deserve to get angry

♡ be patient with your family, that is called love

♡ be patient with other people, that is called respect

♡ be patient with yourself, that is called self-confidence

♡ don't think too much of the past, it will bring tears

♡ don't think too much of the future, it will bring fears

♡ enjoy your current life with smile, it will bring u happiness

♡ every problem in our life can make us worse or better

♡ every problem in our life can make us knowledgeable or nothing

♡ decision is in our own to be a loser or a winner

♡ find a wonderful love, not a good looking

♡wonderful doesn't mean good, however good and right thing means wonderful and memorable.

안녕! this blog is just like my e-diary. i'll post anything that i wanna tell here. i feel better to type rather than writing in my diary book. ♡

having holiday is fun in a sense that we have activities to do. however, i feel that i'm too free for my 3 months break to wait for my degree program. i'm planning to do some interesting stuff like creating my own online shop for singapore area, but i think it really needs super long time for me to create one. i might be troublesome if i don't manage it well. my idea is to sell handcraft accessories at online shop, which needs me to go and hunt for the materials and practice to create my own design till almost perfect. i think the accessories should be necklace, bangle, and earrings. i hope i have the chance to be success in this kind of talent. eswe supports me to try to do so. thank thee eswe :) however, i think it gonna fail. ;)

Sunday, July 03, 2011