Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday, June 01, 2012


i've been staying in singapore for almost 2 years. it can be said that i often travel around the city, but i've never been to the singapore botanic garden.

i went there with my friends yesterday. it doesn't look like what i expected, but it is more than i expected. in my mind, it was just medium size of garden with flowers and trees around, but i was totally wrong. when we reached there, the first thing came into my mind was "teletubbies" hihii. then we walked further to the evolution garden, the more we walked, the more similar to a forest.

unluckily, we all wore heels since we planned to go there just for fun and took picture. we were like exercising in heels. it was super tiring, so that i recommend if you want to go, you should wear either sandals or sport shoes. it is a great place to jog as well. in the first place, it was also our fault that we didn't know that we could get on the golf car ride. if we did know, it wouldn't be that tiring.

anyway, just fyi, singapore botanic garden is super big to the point that i don't know where is the end. it will be more convenient if you drive there. it is a good place to take picture and exercise. :)

preparation at mai's place

first sight of singapore botanic garden

evolution garden part, which is a dinosaur land or forest *winkwink*  

pond full of fishes and turtles near visitor centre

with a cute shy boy, one of my friend's cousins

it's june! i'm still in the progress of my plans, have to struggle more. *wink

have a good weekend ♡

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

not a student.

i just finished my audit and finance papers, which means that i have finished all my degree course. it means freedom!!! :):):)
i know i have to think of job, but not now. i need holiday! refreshing!
how do you feel when you are graduating? i know i'm graduating, but i have no feeling of it, so strange. :p
i don't want to care much, just let it flow and face tomorrow. :)
just feel like saying goodbye to books in a moment hihii.

when i realize that i'm going to graduate soon, lots of plans pop out in my mind. i'll try to accomplish one by one and update when it is done. :p

one of friends is going to go back for good soon. i'm gonna miss her so much. i'll be hardly meet her in the future, and i hope we can keep this friendship. we're going to spend some quality time in these few days. wish her all the best back there. :)

nightie nights :*

Monday, May 21, 2012


do you know what is it? pororo is a cute korean character. love it so much.
although it looks very childish, but it is too cute. >.<

i'm looking for products around singapore, but it's really hard to find any. :(
do you have any idea? especially the one in the picture, the alarm clock. i really really want it so badly. ;)

i'm also watching the movie. when watching, i feel like i'm younger 10 years. hahahah. i love how they draw the scenes and other stuffs, and of course the voice that i love the most. ♡

nightie nights. merline :*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

happy birthday, mom!

today is my beloved mom's birthday. wish her all the best and stay healthy. she's the best person in my life. love you, mom. :*

i am not able to celebrate it with her. i only did a small surprise for her. i ask my best friend to buy a birthday cake and surprise her at the shop. i know it would be awkward for them. hihii. but my mom got surprise, so it's okay. hihii.

i planned to go back without letting her know, but i couldn't make it since i'll have another paper in a week. i have to focus on my study more. :( it would be fun if i could make it. just by imagining it, i can predict how surprise my mom would be if i went back suddenly. nevermind, may be next time. *winkwink*

love u, mom! :*


i think not only business world is full of uncertainty, the whole world is full of uncertainty. there is no way for us to predict, unless you have six sense that i won't have. hihii.

i have my own way to face my days. even though there are lots of stuffs to be stressed of, i will just enjoy my stress. if there is nothing to stressed of, it is much better. :)

just enjoy it and let it flow, face your day like a new life. new life doesn't mean that you have to forget the past, just that pretend to forget the past.

smile and be good. nights :*

Monday, April 09, 2012

i watched wrath of the titans last night in 3d. it is an american fantasy film, which is related to clash of the titans. it is starring sam worthington, who plays the role perseus, the son of zeus. i love this type of movie. actually, i'm not very satisfied of it, because of the 3d effect. it's good, but there some scenes that look like mazes, and it really made me feel dizzy. i think they put too much 3d effect on it. hihii.

actually, i supposed to watch titanic last night, but unluckily no more ticket since it was sunday. i'll watch it next time. i don't know how is the new titanic, whether it is the same as the old version one or not. one of my friend told me that she doesn't find it wow. if u have watched it, what do u think? :)

nightie nites,
merl :*

Sunday, April 08, 2012

the school of rock

let's rock n' roll, buddies! i've just watched this kinda old movie from disc.

it's an american musical comedy film from the year 2003, starring jack black. it's directed by richard linklater, and written by mike white.

i love it so much, kinda cool movie, which is telling about jack black as a substitute teacher of fifth-grade student and forms a band there. it's worth to watch, but i'm sorry for you who don't like rock music, you'll find it annoying. hihii..

i supposed to study for my coming in-class test, but i was distracted by the movie. gonna be serious start from tomorrow. ;)

nightie nights,
merl :*

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

it's april

one of my important days with my girls is 1st april. i know it's april fool, but i don't know why it has been our special day for 8 years. friendship is wonderful. ♡ 
4 of them left me alone here. huhuu i wish i could go back to medan. :(

at first, i thought that i would be free this month with no assignment and exam. however, it is a big cross, everything just suddenly pops out. i have to prepare my resume since i'm graduating soon while studying for my class test. i have no idea how to do the resume. any help or sample please? :(

anyway, recently i'm starting to play the sims 3 again. it's kinda fun after long time not playing it. i love this kind of stuff, i can decorate the house whatever i want. i'm just still playing the default one, may be i would like to try the expansions, may be the night life one. my cousin has just bought a new collector's edition today, it's katy perry! i love how it looks like, but i haven't tried to play. i will try it next time. ;)

i'm not a game addicted, that's why i can only play game for certain period depends on my mood. or else, i'll just not playing it anymore. hihii

p.s. it would be very great if u have any idea to help me on the resume. ♡ 

nightie nights :*
merl ♡ 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth hour?

do you celebrate? my cousin and i was planning to watch movie at orchard in order to celebrate the earth hour. very unlucky that we couldn't get the ticket anymore. so the plan is fail, and finally we came back home. may be next year. hihii ;)

nowadays, i'm getting excited to solve the rubik cube again. i still can't finish it. huhuu.. i'm stuck with the last top part. T.T

gonna try it again in a moment. nightie nights :*

indonesia TT

oh hey! starting to post again ;)
yeah, it's indonesia, which is in bad situation now. most of indonesians rally against the increasing of fuel price. i hope the matter will be solved asap.

i've just been quite free recently, my assignments have been submitted last week. only left 1 more month to go for final exam, and my degree is done. won't comment whether i'm happy or not, i'm exactly confuse. :s

i miss medan so much, but i'm scared to go back. till now, every single time i went back there, i always gained weight, and it's hard to lose it. T.T i miss my mom and family the most + the foods. :9

okay, let's don't think about food anymore at this time. diet! :(

p.s. i've just bought big bang's 5th mini album because of the packaging. it's awesome! worth it! ♡

nightie nights :*
merl ♡

Thursday, February 09, 2012

2012 ♡

it's 2012! i know it's kinda very late post. hihii.. ;)
i'm greeting here now, happy new year and happy chinese new year.♡

i had my vacation at medan for few weeks. love my hometown to the max. :*

some of reunions photos ♡

welcome the fats :'(

homemade corn flakes ♡

menicure ♡