Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas.

merry christmas, folks! (if you celebrate) <:)
hope you have a great christmas and holidays.

unfortunately, not for me. i have holidays like others, but i have to use these 2 weeks very well for exam preparation, which will be on 9th january. i think this is the worst holiday ever.

besides study, study, and study, i have to redo some sections of my assignment that have been submitted early of this month. my lecturer sent an email that all of us have to change a bit. to think positively, it's good that he helps us to gain some more marks. however, it's sent on 25th december, christmas day! huhuu.. T.T

i hope my nightmare would end very soon. O:)

and that's not all, konuma kaori is going back to japan for good on tuesday. huhuu.. T.T
we had lunch and dinner just now, but we really forgot to take any picture. :(

i wish her the best luck there and will visit here often! O:)

p.s. have a nice day ahead! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


since there was no class in these few days, i always woke up very late. i think i'm in different timezone. hihii

i know i have many things to study for the early of january exam, but i can't concentrate at all, and at last i keep watching drama, movies, or variety show. :P

i love to watch running man, the korean variety show. i admire the skillful and fun mc. ;)
i've just watched episode 73 from with english sub, of course i don't understand korean language. hihii

enjoy ;)

p.s. here is the direct link to running man episode 73: ♡

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


christmas is coming in few more days. have u guys prepared for it? vacation? gifts? or maybe stay at home to rest? :P

wish-list for christmas gift? ;)
i have my wish-list not only when christmas, but i think it'll be for the whole year. love to dream and wish is no wrong.

when you start dreaming or wishing, you will try to achieve it. even some of your dreams and wishes won't come true, just keep dreaming and wishing, as it's free of charge. ;)

hope your wishes come true :*

Sunday, December 04, 2011

weekend, but not a weekend

i love weekend, but not if i have to spend my weekend rushing assignment, plus having cough and flu. :(
i hope you guys enjoy your weekend.

cheers myself,
merline ♡