Monday, October 31, 2011

bye october.

every month i say goodbye and i hope days will be better. i think most of you also do the same thing, hoping to be better. however, if we don't struggle, it'll be useless for hoping. time flies really fast, we have to move fast as well.

without realising, it's already the end of october, which means two more weeks for assignment due date. i still haven't done even half. :(

good luck, people!


Sunday, October 30, 2011


everyone has ever been young. there are some people, who have been old enough to be an adult, but they pretend not to be.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

hello, loves! happy deepavali to the one who celebrate. ♡

i'm having a hard time now, because of assignment and stuffs. i think people somewhere are also having the same situation. currently, i'm starting my assignment, and it makes me feel like hell, i've no mood at all. i wanna finish them as soon as possible, just by blinking my eyes if possible, but i know it won't. ㅠㅠ

anyway, there will be the day for my group to present in one of the subjects. we have no clue about this subject. one of the reasons is because of the lecturer, he is a new teacher though. actually, it's not totally his fault, but he should have been knowing what to do before classes, he is just so clueless. he is a very kind and patient man, he has tried his best to help us. it's his best, not ours. mostly people in my class are very disappointed with it, but we can only learn and find more about the subject by ourselves. luckily, it only happens to one subject, others are good.

let's struggle and hope the results of our hardwork are worth.^^

Sunday, October 23, 2011


hey, guys! i went to halloween horror night at universal studio singapore last night. it's a recommended place to go. ;)

i know it's too early to go for halloween party, but i enjoyed it. :)

i like the decoration hihii. they have various things inside, we can play the ride as well. if you're scared, it's not scary if don't go inside the haunted house. however, it's recommended to go into the haunted houses, they have two. one is not so scary one, another one is the peranakan house, which is super, but fun. ;)

enjoy your halloween, guys! ♡

Saturday, October 22, 2011

happy birthday, my friend. ♡

today is 22nd oct 2011, which means my bestfriend's 19th birthday. although i'm far away from her, because she is in medan and i'm in singapore, i wanna greet her birthday by making a diy card. it doesn't look perfect, but i feel great that i can finish making it, because this is my first time to make a diy card. i hope that she likes it.

here are only 2 photos of the process of making, enjoy. ^^


merline ♡

Thursday, October 20, 2011

monkey hater.

some say monkey is cute. yes, previously it is, but now no more. i'm now joining a monkey haters group. i won't hate monkey for no reason. however, they really scared me that really force me to hate them. :(

i was carrying subway inside a plastic bag. yeah, i agree that it's very delicious that even monkeys from far away could smell it. when i walked up the stairs, suddenly i felt my plastic bag hit something, i thought i hit someone behind. however, when i turned back to say sorry, what i saw was a monkey hanging at my plastic bag. i was shocked to the max that i didn't know what to do and couldn't move at all because they are too many. i could only scream loudly. luckily, there was a guy in front came to help me out. if he wasn't there, i didn't know what to do anymore. i thank him so much. ♡

i think i won't pass through that place for certain period to avoid those stupid wild monkeys.

sleep tight,

merline ♡

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

life is hard.

it is common to say that life is getting harder day by day. however, i believe that the harder it is, the better we can prove our ability in this life.

i'm just a normal person with average level of smartness. when there are problems to solve, things to be understood, or lessons to be learnt, i have to work harder because i'm not a fast learner. it's bad, but not worse though.

let's work hard together, buddy!

however, don't be too stressful of stuff like this, just let it flow and enjoy your day.

everyone has the rights to be happy and enjoy his life!

merline <3

Saturday, October 15, 2011


happy weekend, buddies!

these 2days i've been very unproductive. my relatives stay here for few nights and will go back to sydney tomorrow morning. i went out with them at usual tourist area when visiting singapore, like sentosa, marina bay sands, esplanade, etc.
these days have been very tiring since i have lots of activities. it will be much better if i don't have any assignment hihiii.

anyways, i'm just randomly wanna talk about the photo. it means that, no matter the height and the difficulties that we reach, we have to enjoy the beauty hidden in it.


Thursday, October 13, 2011


hey, folks. lately, i've been addicted to this apple application called instagram. it's an application where we can share our photos in real life. i love it because i like to edit the photos before uploading the photos. this is how i enjoy my super busy day.
if you guys have iphone or itouch, u guys can try it. :)
*happy trying!

Sunday, October 02, 2011


happy sunday, folks! i'm trying to enjoy my weekend without thinking of my school stuffs. i've my routine activity for weekend now, swimming. i love swimming, but it makes me get darker. i really hate my skin, it really get darker easily. however, this is how it works for us, asian. even though, i still enjoy my swimming activity.

i have lots of plans in my mind. i hope that i could be more discipline day by day. i will start from today. i plan to sleep earlier and wake up early in the morning around 4-5am, so that i could use my time efficiently. i will still sleep for 7-8 hours. i know it would be very hard at the first time because i love to sleep a lot, but i'm sure i can do it.

p.s.let's live healthily! :D

일요일 행복,

merline ♡

Saturday, October 01, 2011

hi, october.

time flies very fast. we also have to move faster. it's october now, there will lots of things to do and those things may be tougher than usual. i'm sure that i can go through everything smoothly, nothing is impossible if we struggle.

merline ♡


the more you think about life, the more complicated it is. i'm not sure what is my goal in the future, and i'm just letting it flow. the only think that i can do now is to prepare myself to face the real life. i don't know how much effort i need for it. when i think of myself again, i feel unsatisfied, because i don't know my own goal. i know that lots of people are also facing the same problem with me. it is quite common, especially for teenagers.

p.s.i can only strive for excellence and depend on my luck.


merline ♡