Monday, April 09, 2012

i watched wrath of the titans last night in 3d. it is an american fantasy film, which is related to clash of the titans. it is starring sam worthington, who plays the role perseus, the son of zeus. i love this type of movie. actually, i'm not very satisfied of it, because of the 3d effect. it's good, but there some scenes that look like mazes, and it really made me feel dizzy. i think they put too much 3d effect on it. hihii.

actually, i supposed to watch titanic last night, but unluckily no more ticket since it was sunday. i'll watch it next time. i don't know how is the new titanic, whether it is the same as the old version one or not. one of my friend told me that she doesn't find it wow. if u have watched it, what do u think? :)

nightie nites,
merl :*

Sunday, April 08, 2012

the school of rock

let's rock n' roll, buddies! i've just watched this kinda old movie from disc.

it's an american musical comedy film from the year 2003, starring jack black. it's directed by richard linklater, and written by mike white.

i love it so much, kinda cool movie, which is telling about jack black as a substitute teacher of fifth-grade student and forms a band there. it's worth to watch, but i'm sorry for you who don't like rock music, you'll find it annoying. hihii..

i supposed to study for my coming in-class test, but i was distracted by the movie. gonna be serious start from tomorrow. ;)

nightie nights,
merl :*

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

it's april

one of my important days with my girls is 1st april. i know it's april fool, but i don't know why it has been our special day for 8 years. friendship is wonderful. ♡ 
4 of them left me alone here. huhuu i wish i could go back to medan. :(

at first, i thought that i would be free this month with no assignment and exam. however, it is a big cross, everything just suddenly pops out. i have to prepare my resume since i'm graduating soon while studying for my class test. i have no idea how to do the resume. any help or sample please? :(

anyway, recently i'm starting to play the sims 3 again. it's kinda fun after long time not playing it. i love this kind of stuff, i can decorate the house whatever i want. i'm just still playing the default one, may be i would like to try the expansions, may be the night life one. my cousin has just bought a new collector's edition today, it's katy perry! i love how it looks like, but i haven't tried to play. i will try it next time. ;)

i'm not a game addicted, that's why i can only play game for certain period depends on my mood. or else, i'll just not playing it anymore. hihii

p.s. it would be very great if u have any idea to help me on the resume. ♡ 

nightie nights :*
merl ♡