Wednesday, May 30, 2012

not a student.

i just finished my audit and finance papers, which means that i have finished all my degree course. it means freedom!!! :):):)
i know i have to think of job, but not now. i need holiday! refreshing!
how do you feel when you are graduating? i know i'm graduating, but i have no feeling of it, so strange. :p
i don't want to care much, just let it flow and face tomorrow. :)
just feel like saying goodbye to books in a moment hihii.

when i realize that i'm going to graduate soon, lots of plans pop out in my mind. i'll try to accomplish one by one and update when it is done. :p

one of friends is going to go back for good soon. i'm gonna miss her so much. i'll be hardly meet her in the future, and i hope we can keep this friendship. we're going to spend some quality time in these few days. wish her all the best back there. :)

nightie nights :*

Monday, May 21, 2012


do you know what is it? pororo is a cute korean character. love it so much.
although it looks very childish, but it is too cute. >.<

i'm looking for products around singapore, but it's really hard to find any. :(
do you have any idea? especially the one in the picture, the alarm clock. i really really want it so badly. ;)

i'm also watching the movie. when watching, i feel like i'm younger 10 years. hahahah. i love how they draw the scenes and other stuffs, and of course the voice that i love the most. ♡

nightie nights. merline :*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

happy birthday, mom!

today is my beloved mom's birthday. wish her all the best and stay healthy. she's the best person in my life. love you, mom. :*

i am not able to celebrate it with her. i only did a small surprise for her. i ask my best friend to buy a birthday cake and surprise her at the shop. i know it would be awkward for them. hihii. but my mom got surprise, so it's okay. hihii.

i planned to go back without letting her know, but i couldn't make it since i'll have another paper in a week. i have to focus on my study more. :( it would be fun if i could make it. just by imagining it, i can predict how surprise my mom would be if i went back suddenly. nevermind, may be next time. *winkwink*

love u, mom! :*


i think not only business world is full of uncertainty, the whole world is full of uncertainty. there is no way for us to predict, unless you have six sense that i won't have. hihii.

i have my own way to face my days. even though there are lots of stuffs to be stressed of, i will just enjoy my stress. if there is nothing to stressed of, it is much better. :)

just enjoy it and let it flow, face your day like a new life. new life doesn't mean that you have to forget the past, just that pretend to forget the past.

smile and be good. nights :*