Monday, April 09, 2012

i watched wrath of the titans last night in 3d. it is an american fantasy film, which is related to clash of the titans. it is starring sam worthington, who plays the role perseus, the son of zeus. i love this type of movie. actually, i'm not very satisfied of it, because of the 3d effect. it's good, but there some scenes that look like mazes, and it really made me feel dizzy. i think they put too much 3d effect on it. hihii.

actually, i supposed to watch titanic last night, but unluckily no more ticket since it was sunday. i'll watch it next time. i don't know how is the new titanic, whether it is the same as the old version one or not. one of my friend told me that she doesn't find it wow. if u have watched it, what do u think? :)

nightie nites,
merl :*

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