Friday, June 01, 2012


i've been staying in singapore for almost 2 years. it can be said that i often travel around the city, but i've never been to the singapore botanic garden.

i went there with my friends yesterday. it doesn't look like what i expected, but it is more than i expected. in my mind, it was just medium size of garden with flowers and trees around, but i was totally wrong. when we reached there, the first thing came into my mind was "teletubbies" hihii. then we walked further to the evolution garden, the more we walked, the more similar to a forest.

unluckily, we all wore heels since we planned to go there just for fun and took picture. we were like exercising in heels. it was super tiring, so that i recommend if you want to go, you should wear either sandals or sport shoes. it is a great place to jog as well. in the first place, it was also our fault that we didn't know that we could get on the golf car ride. if we did know, it wouldn't be that tiring.

anyway, just fyi, singapore botanic garden is super big to the point that i don't know where is the end. it will be more convenient if you drive there. it is a good place to take picture and exercise. :)

preparation at mai's place

first sight of singapore botanic garden

evolution garden part, which is a dinosaur land or forest *winkwink*  

pond full of fishes and turtles near visitor centre

with a cute shy boy, one of my friend's cousins

it's june! i'm still in the progress of my plans, have to struggle more. *wink

have a good weekend ♡