Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth hour?

do you celebrate? my cousin and i was planning to watch movie at orchard in order to celebrate the earth hour. very unlucky that we couldn't get the ticket anymore. so the plan is fail, and finally we came back home. may be next year. hihii ;)

nowadays, i'm getting excited to solve the rubik cube again. i still can't finish it. huhuu.. i'm stuck with the last top part. T.T

gonna try it again in a moment. nightie nights :*

indonesia TT

oh hey! starting to post again ;)
yeah, it's indonesia, which is in bad situation now. most of indonesians rally against the increasing of fuel price. i hope the matter will be solved asap.

i've just been quite free recently, my assignments have been submitted last week. only left 1 more month to go for final exam, and my degree is done. won't comment whether i'm happy or not, i'm exactly confuse. :s

i miss medan so much, but i'm scared to go back. till now, every single time i went back there, i always gained weight, and it's hard to lose it. T.T i miss my mom and family the most + the foods. :9

okay, let's don't think about food anymore at this time. diet! :(

p.s. i've just bought big bang's 5th mini album because of the packaging. it's awesome! worth it! ♡

nightie nights :*
merl ♡