Tuesday, April 03, 2012

it's april

one of my important days with my girls is 1st april. i know it's april fool, but i don't know why it has been our special day for 8 years. friendship is wonderful. ♡ 
4 of them left me alone here. huhuu i wish i could go back to medan. :(

at first, i thought that i would be free this month with no assignment and exam. however, it is a big cross, everything just suddenly pops out. i have to prepare my resume since i'm graduating soon while studying for my class test. i have no idea how to do the resume. any help or sample please? :(

anyway, recently i'm starting to play the sims 3 again. it's kinda fun after long time not playing it. i love this kind of stuff, i can decorate the house whatever i want. i'm just still playing the default one, may be i would like to try the expansions, may be the night life one. my cousin has just bought a new collector's edition today, it's katy perry! i love how it looks like, but i haven't tried to play. i will try it next time. ;)

i'm not a game addicted, that's why i can only play game for certain period depends on my mood. or else, i'll just not playing it anymore. hihii

p.s. it would be very great if u have any idea to help me on the resume. ♡ 

nightie nights :*
merl ♡ 


  1. merline, bbm louis and asked about his resume :D

  2. i've asked him. please help me to remind him. muach :* hihii