Wednesday, May 30, 2012

not a student.

i just finished my audit and finance papers, which means that i have finished all my degree course. it means freedom!!! :):):)
i know i have to think of job, but not now. i need holiday! refreshing!
how do you feel when you are graduating? i know i'm graduating, but i have no feeling of it, so strange. :p
i don't want to care much, just let it flow and face tomorrow. :)
just feel like saying goodbye to books in a moment hihii.

when i realize that i'm going to graduate soon, lots of plans pop out in my mind. i'll try to accomplish one by one and update when it is done. :p

one of friends is going to go back for good soon. i'm gonna miss her so much. i'll be hardly meet her in the future, and i hope we can keep this friendship. we're going to spend some quality time in these few days. wish her all the best back there. :)

nightie nights :*


  1. ayoo bali jkt LA ausie taiwan paris.. gimana? HAHA

    1. i wish i could :p
      it's my pleasure if you are willing to bring me to those places *wink-wink* ;)