Saturday, May 19, 2012

happy birthday, mom!

today is my beloved mom's birthday. wish her all the best and stay healthy. she's the best person in my life. love you, mom. :*

i am not able to celebrate it with her. i only did a small surprise for her. i ask my best friend to buy a birthday cake and surprise her at the shop. i know it would be awkward for them. hihii. but my mom got surprise, so it's okay. hihii.

i planned to go back without letting her know, but i couldn't make it since i'll have another paper in a week. i have to focus on my study more. :( it would be fun if i could make it. just by imagining it, i can predict how surprise my mom would be if i went back suddenly. nevermind, may be next time. *winkwink*

love u, mom! :*